LuminaPad+ Mark II

Både til flade og mannequin

With the unique studio dedicated to the creation of visuals for clothes and accessories, you can benefit from two distinct shooting modes. The flatlay shot is realized on a large blacklit table for your clothes and accessories to be placed on. With the vertical shooting (table transformed into a blacklit background), photograph your fashion articles or accessories on different types of models. Four pannels, composed of 1728 LEDS, complete the device on two configurations: for a front lighting (vertical studio) or zenithal (table).

DKK 289.995,-
DKK      6.795,- (lease / mdr)

PackshotAlto Mark II

Fixed view, multi-angled and 360° in automatic steering

The PackshotAlto Mark II is a product photography lightbox, with a sophisticated lighting and a turntable. The whole system is software driven. This studio is characterized by its advantageous volume: 2,50 m3 for the XL version, so create your visuals for products measuring up to 2,23 m and weighing maximum 136,5 kg. All of this by using only 1 m2 of the floor. Position your product or model inside of the case, preview it on your screen, adjust your settings, pull the trigger and your photo is ready!

Thanks to the PackshotCreator software, no need to adjust manually the light intensity or the camera configuration. Indeed, the lighting settings, shooting, editing and export, can be memorized and re-used with other references. All of this, not only for 2D pictures, but also for multi-angles and 360° visuals.

DKK 126.500,-
DKK      2.935,- (lease / mdr)